Welcome to PAG's Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Volunteer Sign Up Page

This map is a tool for volunteers to use to sign up for counting cyclist and pedestrians during PAG’s annual count. The count window for 2017 is Oct 14-Oct 28.

NOTE:  New locations will be added to the map periodically as volunteers sign up for count locations and the number of available sites decreases. Returning volunteers, please note the change to the age categories on the count sheets and confirmation email.

To sign up as a volunteer at a count location simply select your preferred point on the map and fill in the requested information. Please ensure you are signing up for the desired time period when filling in your information. Your name and email address are required and your phone number is helpful in the event we need to contact you quickly or other means of communication are not working. Upon clicking "save" the selected point will either disappear if there are no more times available at that location or change color to indicate the volunteer times that are still available. Once you are registered you will receive an automatically generated email with additional information.

Click here to go to the sign up map or select the Map tab at the top right of this page

For more information on PAG’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Click Here.


Tools Pane (Lower left hand corner of map):

In the "Find Address" portion of the tools pane you can type an address or the names of two intersecting streets. For instance, you can type in "Congress and Stone" and the map will zoom in to that area. This can help you locate count locations near your home, work or area of interest.

The legend allows you to turn points on and off based on your preferences. Please note that sites listed "AM and PM Available" have both the morning and evening times available. You can sign up for either morning or evening or both by selecting the green "AM and PM Available" locations. Sites that are listed as "Currently Unavailable" may become available as people sign up for count sites.

"Site Availability" lists the number of sites on the map available to volunteers by time period. Sites listed "AM and PM Available" have both the morning and evening times available.

For more information or questions please contact Sam Sanford at ssanford@PAGregion.com