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Township 09S Range 08E Township 09S Range 09E Township 09S Range 10E Township 09S Range 11E Township 09S Range 12E Township 09S Range 13E Township 09S Range 14E Township 09S Range 15E Township 09S Range 16E Township 09S Range 17E Township 09S Range 18E Township 09S Range 19E Township 09S Range 20E Township 10S Range 08E Township 10S Range 09E Township 10S Range 10E Township 10S Range 11E Township 10S Range 12E Township 10S Range 13E Township 10S Range 14E Township 10S Range 15E Township 10S Range 16E Township 10S Range 17E Township 10S Range 18E Township 10S Range 19E Township 10S Range 20E Township 11S Range 08E Township 11S Range 09E Township 11S Range 10E Township 11S Range 11E Township 11S Range 12E Township 11S Range 13E Township 11S Range 14E Township 11S Range 15E Township 11S Range 16E Township 11S Range 17E Township 11S Range 18E Township 11S Range 19E Township 11S Range 20E Township 12S Range 08E Township 12S Range 09E Township 12S Range 10E Township 12S Range 11E Township 12S Range 12E Township 12S Range 13E Township 12S Range 14E Township 12S Range 15E Township 12S Range 16E Township 12S Range 17E Township 12S Range 18E Township 12S Range 19E Township 12S Range 20E Township 13S Range 08E Township 13S Range 09E Township 13S Range 10E Township 13S Range 11E Township 13S Range 12E Township 13S Range 13E Township 13S Range 14E Township 13S Range 15E Township 13S Range 16E Township 13S Range 17E Township 13S Range 18E Township 13S Range 19E Township 13S Range 20E Township 14S Range 08E Township 14S Range 09E Township 14S Range 10E Township 14S Range 11E Township 14S Range 12E Township 14S Range 13E Township 14S Range 14E Township 14S Range 15E Township 14S Range 16E Township 14S Range 17E Township 14S Range 18E Township 14S Range 19E Township 14S Range 20E Township 15S Range 08E Township 15S Range 09E Township 15S Range 10E Township 15S Range 11E Township 15S Range 12E Township 15S Range 13E Township 15S Range 14E Township 15S Range 15E Township 15S Range 16E Township 15S Range 17E Township 15S Range 18E Township 15S Range 19E Township 15S Range 20E Township 16S Range 08E Township 16S Range 09E Township 16S Range 10E Township 16S Range 11E Township 16S Range 12E Township 16S Range 13E Township 16S Range 14E Township 16S Range 15E Township 16S Range 16E Township 16S Range 17E Township 16S Range 18E Township 16S Range 19E Township 16S Range 20E Township 17S Range 08E Township 17S Range 09E Township 17S Range 10E Township 17S Range 11E Township 17S Range 12E Township 17S Range 13E Township 17S Range 14E Township 17S Range 15E Township 17S Range 16E Township 17S Range 17E Township 17S Range 18E Township 17S Range 19E Township 17S Range 20E Township 18S Range 08E Township 18S Range 09E Township 18S Range 10E Township 18S Range 11E Township 18S Range 12E Township 18S Range 13E Township 18S Range 14E Township 18S Range 15E Township 18S Range 16E Township 18S Range 17E Township 18S Range 18E Township 18S Range 19E Township 18S Range 20E Township 19S Range 08E Township 19S Range 09E Township 19S Range 10E Township 19S Range 11E Township 19S Range 12E Township 19S Range 13E Township 19S Range 14E Township 19S Range 15E Township 19S Range 16E Township 19S Range 17E Township 19S Range 18E Township 19S Range 19E Township 19S Range 20E Township 20S Range 08E Township 20S Range 09E Township 20S Range 10E Township 20S Range 11E Township 20S Range 12E Township 20S Range 13E Township 20S Range 14E Township 20S Range 15E Township 20S Range 16E Township 20S Range 17E Township 20S Range 18E Township 20S Range 19E Township 20S Range 20E Township 21S Range 08E Township 21S Range 09E Township 21S Range 10E Township 21S Range 11E Township 21S Range 12E Township 21S Range 13E Township 21S Range 14E Township 21S Range 15E Township 21S Range 16E Township 21S Range 17E Township 21S Range 18E Township 21S Range 19E Township 21S Range 20E  
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