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Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Explorer:

Welcome to Pima Association of Government’s (PAG) Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Explorer.

This site was developed to provide the general public and professionals alike an interactive platform to access and explore bicycle and pedestrian usage data in our region. Users can compare across the entire region over the past five (5) years for various characteristics or select individual locations to compare over time and against the regional averages. For those that want to explore the data even further the data can be downloaded under the “Show/Hide Table” button on the map. 

To access the map simply select "Map"  in the upper right hand corner of this page.

 For any suggestions, comments or concerns, please contact David Mitchell at DMitchell@pagregion.com

Key Terms:

Core: observation locations that have been consistently monitored each year with the aim of tracking changes over time. There are 39 core locations. Observation locations that are not designated as Core may not be tracked year over year.

Riding Wrong Way: against or opposite the flow of vehicle traffic.

Data Collection details:

The data contained in this site is from PAG's annual volunteer bicycle and pedestrian count. More information about the count can be found at the PAG's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program homepage.

Data is collected:

  • During a two week window in October
  • At approx. 80 to 100 sites annually
  • Locations include roadway and/or pathway intersections
  • Weekday data: 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm
  • Weekend data: 7am-10am

For Cyclists:

  • Volume by approach direction per 15 min increment
  • Gender
  • Age Group
  • Helmet use
  • Sidewalk riding
  • Wrong way riding

For Pedestrian:

  • Volume by 15 min increments